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This is the internet home of Mark Lisanti, a Los Angeles writer sometimes known as Bunsen. His day job is editor of Defamer, a blog about things that actually happen* in Hollywood.

Wicket Awesome

The Indian National Cricket Team demonstrates its vaunted “tenting” play during a recent match versus powerhouse rival Dutch East Indies.

Just to show all you people that I have some perspective on this whole Yankees collapse, here’s a link to an ESPN.com story about the Yankees’ worst moments. This year only made #7.

Meep Meep Dept.

Man Dies in His Own Booby-Trapped HouseThe fatal error occurred when the man foolishly decided to sample the pile of roadrunner-feed placed in front of the booby-trap trigger when it at first appeared to malfunction.

Say Wha?

The George Forman Grill, while truly a miraculous device, is not as hassle-free to clean as advertised

Words of the Day Section

I tend to watch the Real World. By “tend to watch,” I mean that I’ve been known to sit in front on those interminable Saturday marathons for hours at a time, catching up with all the hooking up and grill-getting-in and disrespecting and whatnot.

But this week I had to recover a bit of new slang purely out of context, having never heard this expression before:
“put me on shout.” [The link explains the context, so you can do the math on your own.]

Usage: “Frank totally put me on shout, so I had to ask him why he had to go and wash his face in my sink.”

This shit’s pretty cutting edge, so use at your own risk. Consider yourself hipped to the new shizzle, yo.