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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Blogging Tonight's Episode of The Apprentice Until the First Commercial Break

Watching The Apprentice hopefuls sitting around the suite and waiting for the front door to open so that they can finally see who was the first person fired by Trump kind of felt like sitting around and discussing, and then second-guessing, the mom in Sophie's Choice.

Let them take the boy, girls are so fragile and cute. It's the man's lots to suffer for the family, to go to war. He's just a little soldier, waiting to perform his duty...

No, no, send the girl. If the boy survives this horrible tragedy, the family name will live on! The boy can get a job selling newspapers for a penny apiece, and support his mother until he can take a man's job.

Oh, you sent the girl? Bad choice, Sophie. You really dropped the ball. Here you had a chance to be the proto-feminist, and you totally blew it. Don't you know that she would've lived to see the day when women will have jobs, nobly juggling family responsibilities with a paycheck? Way to set back the movement, madame housefrau!

OK, the analogy doesn't really hold up because it was two men up for firing, and Trump probably didn't love either of the contestants he might "send down to the street," i.e. reality show annihilation, after just one episode. Let's revisit when the show provides us with an appropriate gender-based face-off against a background of tragic genocide. We can wait until week 6, no problem.

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