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Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Great Bunsen Second Anniversary Contest

On May 28th, the Greatest Blog in the World will turn two years old. This, of course, is an eternity in Internet time. To celebrate this incredible milestone of longevity, abject boredom, and nearly-unparalleled onanism, Bunsen [dot] TV is running an essay contest for its fifteen remaining readers.

And the subject, naturally, is Bunsen. It's always been about me, and it's going to continue to be about me. Otherwise I never would have quit my job at Teen People inspecting photos to make sure there were no inappropriate nipple slips, even though I was making a fair black-market income on Olsen Twin and Hilary Duff shots. Girls, buy some bras!

Here's the contest:

Please, in your own words, describe "What Bunsen Means To Me" in 100 words or less. Anything goes. Email your entry to with the subject line "What Bunsen Means To Me." I prefer that entries are in English, since web translation tools are still crude and not likely to adequately translate your mother tongue's more colorful idioms.

The deadline for entires is 5 PM Pacific Time on May 27th. On May 28th I will print the best of the entries (and probably all of them, since I expect some doozies) and announce the winner. This is a contest.

Oh yes, there is a prize for the best essay. Which, tantalizingly, I will not reveal until it's awarded. If there is postage involved, I will pay it. If there is bail involved, I will post it.

Let's see what you've got. I can take it.

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