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Thursday, April 01, 2004


News Roundup

This Is What's happening in our world:

French President Jacques Chirac looks to regain voter confidence after last month's election shakeup. Well, it's about time he did something! [The Australian]

OPEC cuts could mean even higher gas prices in California. What else is new? It's getting so I can hardly afford to drive my car, despite its reasonable mileage. [Miami Herald]

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon defends his plan to remove troops from the Gaza Strip. An important step towards a free Palestinian state or a hawkish stall tactic? I guess time will tell. [Cnews-Canada]

Prince William is irritated at paparazzi photographs of him with his "first girlfriend." This raises serious privacy issues. Where do we draw the line? Are public figures (royals included) entitled to keep their private lives private? [CNN]

Japanese companies feel that business is better but worry about the strength of the yen. Yet the big corporations are planning on trimming capital spending? What gives? Are they shooting for economic expansion or not? [Reuters]

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