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Monday, March 22, 2004


This Reminds Me of the Time When Deep Throat Had a Bigger Weekend Take Than Jesus Christ Superstar

A Friend Said it best: "If Ving Rhames had been there when Jesus rose from the dead, he would have totally blown his head off!"

The Passion of the Christ's box office reign of loving terror is finally over, as Dawn of the Dead finished in the top spot in America's theaters, preventing Mel Gibson's Christ vehicle from passing the $300 million mark. Dawn's triumph was also a boon to headline writers everywhere, conjuring images of Jesus being chased up the road to Calvary Hill by hordes of the bloodthirsty undead.

A smattering of headlines in the Monday morning rotation:

  • Box office's No. 1 rises from the 'Dead' [USA Today]

  • "Dead" Devours "Christ" [E! Online]

  • It Takes a Shopping Mall Fall of Zombies to Topple the Two Thousand Year Tradition of an Entire Faith [Chicago Sun Times]

  • Brains Taste Better Than Communion Wafers: Dawn Topples Passion [NY Post]

  • Boffo BO for (Zombie) Christ Killers [Daily Variety]

  • Mel Gibson Blames Jews for Zombie Triumph [Christian Science Monitor]

  • Ben Affleck Has Opinions About Passion's Box Office Dethroning
  • [People]

  • Christ's Godhead Devoured By Zombies [Ananova]

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