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Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Ask Anyone and They'll Tell You That the DVD Format Has Saved Hollywood

MTV News Reports:
New details have emerged about items seized during the January search of the home of Michael Jackson business associate Marc Schaffel, a record producer with ties to the porn industry.

According to court documents unsealed Monday, the bulk of the findings from the residence were from computer areas in the living room and garage as well as an upstairs room, with investigators seizing laptop and desktop computers, floppy discs, photographs, dozens of videotapes and a DVD of a Neverland party.

A Montage of Possibly Incriminating Scenes from the Confiscated Neverland Party Film


Children sit in a circle by the llama corral, engaged in a game of "Duck, Duck, Goose." Jackson skips around the circle, tapping each on the head, calling "Tito...Tito...Tito...MacCaulay! The lucky child gets up to chase Jackson, who immediately throws himself on the ground

MICHAEL: You caught me, little devil!

The child tickles Jackson. We catch a glimpse of what appears to be clothespins affixed to Jackson's nipples, and a line of Tootsie Roll pops in the waistband of his black, sequined pants. Despite easily being caught, Jackon refuses to surrender his post as "the Ducker."


A giant Twister board sits at the base of the Neverland roller coaster. Jackson and fifty party guests play a spirited game as the children's parents watch. The camera zooms in tight on the laughing faces of the children. In the background, men in sunglasses and red Members-Only jackets apply ether-soaked rags to the mouths and noses of onlooking parents, then drag away their limp bodies.


Jackson's Ferris wheel car reaches the apex of its orbit, the abruptly stops. Zoom in on Jackson, who looks at his young guest, shrugs, and smirks.

MICHAEL: I've been meaning to get that fixed. Oh, well. We can just wait for the stars to come out while Jermaine fixes it.


The crucifixion hill at Golgotha from The Passion of the Christ. We see three crucifixes, and zoom in on the cross in the center. Jackson's face is digitally superimposed on Christ's. His battered body is soaked in blood. He's being whipped by three Roman soldiers, with the faces of the Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville, Sony Music President Tommy Mottola, and sister Janet superimposed on his tormentors.

MICHAEL: Forgive them, Father, for their devilish, devilish lies. Do you see the obvious parallels between me and Jesus?

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