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Monday, February 02, 2004


Great Minds and All That Dept.

HOPEFULLY,THIS WILL be the last I write on the Great Justin/Janet Titty Flap. I know, I know. I took the words right out of your collective mouth.

King Kaufman's Sports Daily column is running an "exclusive" interview with a certain Jackson whose nipple was ripped into the spotlight at halftime at the Super Bowl. [Click on the "Day Pass" option to see the entire story.]

But readers of this site know that Kaufman didn't have an exclusive with the world's most overexposed breast, and that the breast certainly wasn't speaking "for the first time." I think a certain red-hot mammary's publicist is gonna have some 'splainin' to do. What's next, Slate announcing Britney's retaliation against the Timberlake scene-stealing?

The last time this sort of coincidence happened, it was Elizabeth Spiers' Gawker juggernaut that subconsciously channeled the same deranged Zeitgeist, and a new (exceedingly lame) strain of Bunsenmania was unleashed on the (not-so-curiously indifferent) internet.

*Bonus Section*

Top Euphemistic Excuses for Your Ill-Considered Celebrity Breast Exposure

--"wardrobe failure"
--"garment collapse"
--"darn good couture intelligence leading us to believe in the absolute stability of said garment"
--"inadvertant mammary deployment due to pop-star exploited sartorial inefficiencies"
--"What tit?"

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