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Sunday, February 01, 2004


For Another Five Hundred Large, We Could Have Seen a Jackson Brazilian Wax

IN THE INTEREST of being first to press, and at the peril of missing part of the second half of the big game...

A Few Questions with Janet Jackson's Suddenly Exposed Half-Time Nipple

Bunsen: So how did it feel to be introduced to a huge, extremely bored halftime Super Bowl audience?

JJSEHTN: I have to say, the whole thing has been something of a shock. I'm not thrilled with Timberlake at this point. I've kept a low profile my entire career.

Bunsen: How long did it take before Steven Tyler made a pass at you?

JJSEHTN: He's old enough to be my grandfather. That's disgusting. [pause] Three minutes.

Bunsen: Is there any truth to the rumor that Paul Tagliabue (the commissioner of the NFL) had you perk youself up with an ice cube, you know, just in case something--say perhaps, a wardrobe failure--occurred?

JJSEHTN: He did brush by me in an uncomfortably close manner with a pint of Ben and Jerry's...

Bunsen: I knew it!

JJSEHTN: I'm sure that was just an accident.

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