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Friday, January 16, 2004


It's Taking All of My Strength to Refrain from Saying "God Punished Her," but He Did

OLIVIA GOLDSMITH, AUTHOR of execrable Hollywood adaptation fodder First Wives' Club, has died due to complications during a facelift procedure. [Link via Gawker.] Our condolences, it's all v. sad, etc etc.

Helen Fielding, Lauren Weisberger, Rebecca Wells, and a host of other authors of neon-covered, stick-figures juggling babies/cellphones/grocery bags/Weight Watcher Calorie Calculators on little stick-figure Jimmy Choo's are hereby condemned to try and grow old gracefully. Good luck, gals!

[If it had been Fielding, this space would have included a hilarious faux Bridget diary entry. So if you want to see that, maybe you should slip her the card of a non-Board-certified plastic surgeon.]

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