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Monday, January 19, 2004


If I Had Merely One-Third of This Gentlemen's Ambition, You'd All Be Working for Me

BEHOLD: THE GREATEST IM "Away" message in the brief history of IM "Away" messages.

First runner up: "Sorry, I'm away from the computer right now, waiting in line to fuck Smurfette. There's a 99:1 blue 'hot dog' to blue 'doughnut' ratio, so this could take awhile."

[Suddenly I feel like I'm a bad Michael Ian Black outtake from I Love the 80s. Which I suppose is slightly better than being a Rich Eisen or Joel Stein outtake.]

[Because they are smug douchebags.]

[Sorry, that sounded smug and douchey. They are seemingly self-satisfied, grinning douchebags.]

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