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Monday, January 12, 2004


Dept. of Rigidity

IT'S WELL DOCUMENTED that on Mondays I'm lazy. But the Oscars are right around the corner!

Some Things Slightly Stiffer than Jack White in Cold Mountain

--A 2x4 with rigor mortis

--A petrified cinderblock

--A 17th-century Puritan minister who is secretly atheist on his first visit to a house of ill repute

--Michael Jackson on the set of Romper Room in 1978

--A flagpole cooled to absolute zero

--The pins holding together that Von Bondie guy's nose

--A ten-year-old with mild stage fright giving the "Neither a borrower nor a lender be" speech in a fifth-grade production of Hamlet

--Fabrizio Moretti's cameo as "Solider #3 in Wooden Horse" in the upcoming Brad Pitt epic Troy

--The director's commentary for the outtakes from Jack White's deleted scenes put aside for the Cold Mountain DVD

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