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Wednesday, January 14, 2004


But It Would Be OK if We Lost Track of Bogosian, Wouldn't It?

SPALDING GRAY IS still missing. In the interest preventing this from happening again, I've compiled a list of other famous monologuists so that we can better protect one of America's greatest resources: people that can talk endlessly about their lives without the burden of conversation slowing them down.

Famous Monologuists Whom As of This Writing are Still Not Missing

--Eric Bogosian

--Garrison Keillor

--Ruth Draper*

--Margaret Cho**

--Josh Kornbluth***


--David Sedaris*****

--The Vagina******

--Lily Tomlin*******

*deceased, 1956

**but has finally enbraced the curvy figure that contributed to the demise of her short-loved ABC sitcom, All-American Girl

***found somewhere in second page of Google search for "famous monologuists"



******I haven't seen one in longer than I care to think about+

*******will mysteriously disappear in March, 2006


+actually, I get laid all the time, exclusively by people with vaginas, but I just stopped looking

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