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Wednesday, December 24, 2003


Not a PSA Dept.

WHATEVER YOU DO, don't go to and give money to thieves who are taking food out of the mouths of multiplatinum selling artists like me and multinational media conglomerates who strive to give us the best possible value for our $18.99. Have you seen the insert on the new Best of Sheryl Crow CD? Those liner notes thanking Kid Rock for "all of his support, LOL :-)" didn't print themselves.

Merry Christmas Eve! I have to run. That eggnog isn't going to spike itself with absinthe, those tight 'lil onions in naughty Mrs. Santa skirts aren't going to pinch themselves, and the blackout that leaves me passed out between three drunk she-elves and a guy named Walter in reindeer antlers isn't going to kill the braincells that remember my fourth birthday party all by itself.

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