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Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Scenes from a Hotel Heiress' Boudoir Film

"Just because the camera adds ten pounds doesn't mean that you have to go purge, baby."

"I hope that the Fox pop-up promo for my new show, 'The Simple Life,' premiering Tuesday, Dec. 5th at 8:30 pm, doesn't cover up my ass."

"Who's my daddy? Would you be fucking me if it weren't the daughter of real estate magnate Rick Hilton and the great-granddaughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton?"

"If you call me Nicky one more time, I'm going to send you down to the Courtyard by Marriott where she and Pauly Shore are making their tape!"

"Yeah, I agree, Nicole Richie really is kind of a two-bagger."

"Calling room service to the Paris Hilton Room 69!"
"Umm, this is like totally missionary, dude."

"To anyone who eventually comes into possession of this tape... Please, please immediately send a copy to Bunsen."

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