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Monday, November 03, 2003


Quickly Now

Assorted Snappy Headlines Regarding NBC's Friday Cancellation of "Coupling"

--NBC Turns Cancellation Hose on "Coupling" Dog

--"Coupling" Decoupled From Sched

--Not So Hot: Wildfires More Popular Than "Coupling"

--I Will Now Have to Listen to Mumbly British Accents if I am to Get My Fill of Supposedly Sexy Banter

--Crap Flushed

Maybe they should have tried the Bunsen version.

[I know that you are all breathlessly awaiting the details of my trick-or-treating excursion with Haley Joel Osment, and quite likely tearing out your hair as you repeatedly jab the refresh button in hopes in will appear. Keep jabbing. It will be there. Unless, of course, I decide to regale you with my trip to Disney's California Adventure first.]

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