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Friday, November 21, 2003


A Joyless Exercise in Exploiting Celebrity Misery, But Hey, That's What I Do

Michael Jackson Song Titles That Will Conveniently Double as His Prison Bitch Name

-- "Billie Jean" [Thriller]
-- "Dirty Diana" [Bad]
-- "Girlfriend" [Off the Wall]
-- "The Girl is Mine" [Thriller]
-- "PYT" (Pretty Young Thing) [Thriller]
-- "Liberian Girl" [Bad]
-- "Albino Man Barbie" [Dangerous B-side]
-- "Sexy Sexy Nose Hole Jackie" [Japanese Import]

Michael Jackson Song Titles That Take on a Decidedly Sinister Spin in Prison

-- "Leave Me Alone" [Bad]
-- "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" [Off the Wall]
-- "Get on the Floor" [Off the Wall]
-- "Jam" [Dangerous]
-- "Give in to Me" [Dangerous]
-- "You Rock My World" [Invincible]
-- "I Most Certainly Did Not Drop That Bar of Soap, Sir" [Forever Michael Remasters]
--"(Even If I Didn't) Drop That Bar of Soap, Sir (You're Still Gonna Do It, Aren't You?)" [Bad Studio Sessions]
-- "(That Swatstika Tattoo) Really Brings Out Your Eyes" [Bad -- The Interview Disk]
-- "Your Love Hurts a Lot Less the Fourteenth Time" [Number Ones Bonus Track]

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