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Friday, October 31, 2003


If You Count This Heading, I've Said "Fun-Size" Twice

I do not "blog," and I certainly do not "link" to other's content. But today I am riding a mildly hallucinogenic sugar high from gorging myself on Circus Peanuts in preparation for tonight's trick-or-treating with Haley Joel Osment (details to follow early next week), and thus am feeling generous.

Rob Diener is the funniest part-time pizza delivery person on the internet. He's a "funnyman's funnyman," which means that no one but me knows that he exists. Go read his stupid site*, but remember where your bread is buttered and come back to Bunsen once you have sampled some of his fun-size paganism.

[*I must somehow devalue his achievements because everyone knows that what we do is a zero-sum game. Or is it a tragedy of the commons? I can never keep those straight.]

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