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Wednesday, August 27, 2003


New FAQ City

Each and every day, thousands of my regular readers complain that they don't know anything about me. You've been reading me for years, you say, but lack any real insight into who Bunsen is.

Don't I give enough to you people? If I weren't getting paid in the seven figures for the things I write in this space I would say that you are extremely spoiled and apply a stiff-wristed smack across your naughty, naughty bottoms. Unless, of course, you are a naughty man, in which case I am so secure in my heterosexuality that I feel no need to spank you and will let you off with a stern, chiding look.

So for now, you'll have to settle for reading a new FAQ.

Enjoy the new insights that this will bring to you, the longtime reader/fan, and you, the wonderfully lucky user of a search engine.

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This is the internet home of Mark Lisanti, a Los Angeles writer sometimes known as Bunsen. He is the founding editor of Defamer, a weblog about Hollywood, where he now serves in the nebulous capacity of "editor-at-large."
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