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Wednesday, July 23, 2003


Lists are Easier to Write Dept.

Ten Headline Puns Likely to be Used in Reviews of the New Jane's Addiction Album

--Jane's Got a New Addiction

--Totally Addicted to Jane's New Sounds

--Easy to Kick This New Addiction

--Jane's Addiction Kicks the Hiatus Habit, Releases New Album

--Not So Addictive, This New Jane

--Lollapalicious New Album from Jane's Addiction

--Been Caught Stealing: New Jane's Album Leads Unauthorized Downloads

--I Am So Addicted to Heroin That I Could Not Afford to Buy the New Jane's Addiction Album

--I Fear Perry Farrell Is Going to Rape Me in My Dreams, Jane's Addiction Releases New Album

--I Find Myself Strangely Attracted to Dave Navarro When He Wears a Corset Despite the Fact That His Creative Facial Hair Clearly Reveals Him to be Male and I Am Pretty Sure I'm Not a Homosexual

Special Bonus Section: Five Sensational, Cynical Attempts to Lure Googlers to this Site By Citing Hot-Button Current Events:

--Look here for nude pictures of Kobe Bryant's rape accuser buying drugs for overdose!

--Hero POW Jessica Lynch returns home for welcome back blast at Hooter's

--Tony Blair's exclusive yellowcake suicide recipe!

--"Hunting for Bambi" entrepreneurs add "Hooker Bow-hunting" to extreme-sports package

--Space shuttle Challenger tragedy jokes clumsily adapted for Santa Monica Farmer's Market tragedy

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