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Saturday, May 03, 2003



[phone rings]

Bunsen: Hello?

GWB: Dude? Go up on the roof!

Bunsen: Who is this?

GWB: Doooood. It's Dubya! I'm flying this jet. Check me out! Go up on the roof, I'm gonna buzz your building!

Bunsen: Why are you flying?

GWB: I'm the President, last time I checked. Who's gonna tell me no! Check me out!

Bunsen: That sounds a little dangerous. You haven't flown since your tour in the National Guard...

GWB: Nunsense, boy. I've got the stick, I'm flying straight and level. Should I bomb this Target parking lot and blame Tariq Aziz?

Bunsen: Probably not. Listen, I was taking a nap.

GWB: It's the middle of the day.

Bunsen: Don't get on my case. You like a nap as much as anybody. I gotta go.

GWB: Whatever. Wheeeeeee! Dude, I just did a an S-turn. How do ya like me now?

Bunsen: I'll talk to you later.

GWB: What. Ever.

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