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Friday, May 16, 2003


Let it Ride Dept.

Las Vegas beckons.

They call it Sin City, but what happens there aren't sins.

Is it a sin to let three hundy roll on black 28 at 35-to1?

Is it a sin to double down on 12?

Is it a sin to haggle your way into a free foot massage at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch?

Is it a sin to have a Prince impersonator marry you to the chick that blew on your dice just before you rolled boxcars, and said chick turns out to be Jennifer Garner, the impossibly stunning star of "Alias"?

Is it a sin to discuss the role of religion in The Brothers Karamazov with Cinammon, who's providing the finest of lap dances at the Olympic Gardens?

Is it a sin to walk out of a casino into the unexpected sunlight of the early morning and decide some eggs would really make you feel better about being down five large?

I guess we'll find out.

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