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Sunday, May 04, 2003


I Always Knew I Had a Little Emily Dickinson Inside Me

Three poems assembled from the words on this site by Rob's Amazing Poem Generator:

German engineering. had Manson pulled
this onto the counterclockwise roar
of state. Fair TURDUCKEN Madness
A true test of
television screens.It seems that
I assure you missed Mr. Personality alone.

Add a dancing
frog colonoscopy.
I must go now that
will be fucked up to talk
to be coalition
or Matrix or you can do,
you Can Say To Watch the
dotted line.I missed Good times, no? further
be in a
break in clothes and
Tom interesting
choices.Mandor: Dude.

Add a plate of my
cell even a part
of capitalism by a whore
in fact, got enough extras to post their
cyberspace tombstones. They still here is king, declares
all along: gonna tell the Old
Timey Yankee Religion
a little
dangerous. intoxicating weekend in masks.
they eventually shuffle off from the sun
if it been easy being simulcast
she demurely refuses,
there is a comment whether
or whatever that soldiers
sure paid it.

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