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Thursday, May 08, 2003


American Idolatry

I heard that Josh got voted off the Idol tonight. Maybe this is a bit reactionary of me, but I blame the Dixie Chicks.

Remember the good ol' days, when I'd be staying in and watching some American Idol like the rest of America, who have suddenly made that a Top-5 show? I've fallen almost completely out of touch with The World's Biggest Karaoke Tournament. There was an amusing conversation tonight about the possibilities of confusing the words "karaoke" and "bukkake," both words with Asian etymologies, both words that can induce snickers in an unknowing 5 year old.. Think of the hilarious possibilities of that Marine guy who can't sing all that well and who's hung up on light country music and the kid with the huge ears they keep trying to cover up with ever-more-impossibly-shaggy haircuts getting those words switched. There are don't-ask-don't-tell jokes, there are show tunes jokes, there's at least one joke involving someone's rifle going off prematurely. But because the very nature of this World Wide Web is inextricably linked to interactivity, I will merely coyly suggest the comedic possibilities of mixing up "karaoke," "bukkake," a singing Marine and a Broadway geek that's just waiting to shock America with a little secret that everyone's known since the very first minute electrons representing his Wonderbread visage and questionable fashion sense hit a cathode ray tube and sent teenage girls to pin Teen Beat pictures to their walls praying to God each night please, please let him like girls more than the original cast recording of Rent.

Or, failing that, let the chubby guy who's like a little Luther Vandross, Jr. get some love because he can really sing his ample hindquarters off.

But like I said, I'm a little out of touch with the American Idol stuff these days. I could really use a TiVo.

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