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Wednesday, April 02, 2003


Welcome to Bob Wednesday

Today, the Total Fucking Victory campaign rolls over Bob From Accounting like an Abrams tank over a shack full of Iraqi grandmothers possibly waiting to sneak-attack a sympathetic American G.I.

I suggest that you get on the bandwagon before it reaches capacity to avoid a similar fate beneath the treads of Total Fucking Victory.

New Total Fucking Victory merchandise to be dropped in the coming weeks, provided hostilites continue that long:
--Total Fucking Victory diary (with lock to keep out prying eyes)
--Total Fucking Victory pogs
--Total Fucking Victory edible boxer-briefs
--and much more!

So click on over to Bob and be reminded of the three little words that are hotter than a burning oilfield or the smoldering rubble of a freshly-dozed bedouin camp.

[If the Bob hasn't been updated yet, wait a little while. It will happen today.]

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