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Thursday, April 03, 2003


A Mouthful of Sand and an Assful of Combat Boot Dept.

Geraldo Rivera thrown out of Iraq

NBC, MSNBC, National Geographic fire Peter Arnett

Is it coincidence that in the two days following my weekend trip to the 'Dad and subsequent scrap with peripatetic journalists Peter Arnett and Geraldo Rivera, one has been pink-slipped from three networks and the other's been ejected from the entire country, headed stateside for a fresh round of vault-hunting?

Let it be known:

You fuck with Bunsen, you get the horns.

Dan Rather -- One more countrified turn of phrase and you might find yourself on the first hayride to the unemployment line, you dig?

Peter Jennings -- You're aboat to get your Canadian anchor ass cross-checked back to America Lite.

and Harrison Ford -- Well, you already know the score.

[I don't know what's up with the Bob from Accounting site. It'll happen eventually.]

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