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Tuesday, March 04, 2003


Crazy Person Breaking Newz Flazh

Vanity Fair: Jacko paid 150K for voodoo curse on Spielberg

Someone up there really, really likes me.

Or maybe they hate me, because I would have vastly preferred to have made this up.

But it seems that the Jacko Insanity Tour has sold out a few more arenas, bringing us a fresh installment in the sublime sideshow that is his enormously warped and fascinating existence.

It would seem that this action firmly establishes the market value of an A-list Hollywood director, as 42 cows were slaughtered in the voodoo ritual intended to put an end to the movie mogul's life -- in addition to the reported $150,000 Jackson paid for the filmmaker snuff.

WFOoBH has obtained the price list from Baba, Jackson's voodoo practitioner in Mali:

--Hobbling Russel Crowe: 15 lobsters and $45,000
--Muting Robin Williams: 4 dozen pheasants and 3,000 shares of Microsoft common stock
--Sterilizing Mick Jagger: 6 cockatoos and front row seats to an Elton John/Billy Joel show
--Fattening Calista Flockhart: 10 scratch-off tickets and a box of Choco-diles
--Giving Cancer to Tommy Mottola: Signed copy of "Thriller" and Janet's phone number
--Getting Dell Dude Busted: Free with a purchase of equal or lesser value
--Making Mr. Rogers Cry: A striped tiger and a million lira (tragic exchange rate mishap)

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