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Thursday, February 27, 2003


Please Won't You Be My Neighbor, St. Peter? Special

Mister Rogers dies at 74

Today Fred "Mister" Rogers joined the pantheon of distinguished, deceased children's entertainment icons. His new neighbors in the Neighborhood in the sky include "Sesame Street's" Mr. Hooper and Mr. Greenjeans of "Captain Kangaroo."

R.I.P, Fred. You managed to get through nearly 33 years of shows without getting caught in a scandal or doing anything sinister. This is a huge achievement that will probably never be equalled.

In tribue to the kindly giant of children's TV, here's the WFOoBH Top Five Mr. Rogers Euphemisms for Death:

5. "Catching the last tiny trolley to Eternal Sleepyville."
4. "Getting mauled by Daniel Striped Tiger."
3. "Sticking your hand up the ass of the Grim Reaper puppet."
2. "Taking off the final shoe."
1. "Speedy Delivery to nothingness."

[Bonus material: How to tell your kids that Mister Rogers has passed on ]

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