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Thursday, February 20, 2003


Mo'Joe, Again

Zora chooses...the horse

In an interview following FOX's Joe Millionaire finale, winner and newly-minted half-millionaire Zora Andrich let it be known where she found true love: "Oh, I loved those horses. Being with the horse, the one whose name meant 'Sweetie' in French, I was in heaven. That's who has my heart. The horse."

After being informed that the "Sweetie" was, in fact, actually a donkey, Zora replied, "I love him regardless of what type of ungulate he is. I love him for him."

Immediately following these remarks, a representative from Animal Planet presented Zora with her very own dude ranch, containing a stable stocked with a variety of horses. "Zora has once again proven that she loves purely and unreservedly. We'd like to reward her for her pristine heart," said the rep.

"This really is like a fairytale come true. I feel like a princess!" gushed the new ranch-owner. "Did I mention I would love this diamond ring even if it turned out to be a Ring Pop?"

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