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Sunday, February 02, 2003


Instant Review

Kingpin: it sure ain't no Sopranos.

[Is it really necessary for actors to put on exaggerated Scarface accents for viewers to register that they're supposed to be Latino?]

[It goes without saying that I don't think they can tell the difference between Cubans and Mexicans. Let's fight one battle at a time, OK?]

[The next thing you know, you'll be expecting me to educate Americans on the difference between the Koreans and the Japanese when the Sopranos knockoff about the Asian triads comes rolling down the network pike.]

[But it is nice seeing Brian Benben getting some work.]

[The great thing about the Web is that I can throw a link on an obscure name, like, say...a Brian Benben, or a Pirmin Zurbriggen, and someone can click on it and I get to avoid the smarty-pants, referential Dennis Miller/David Foster Wallace thing. Instead, I can be metareferential by calling attention to DM/DFW. I'm so fucking meta that I can't stand it as I sit here commenting on all the narrative tricks that I'm half-winklingly using.]

[Dennis Miller or David Foster Wallace fans who are upset that I lumped them together: please direct all complaints to John Cheever.]

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