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Wednesday, February 12, 2003


Frenchie Got Fingered

American Idol contestant booted for porn past

The Smoking Gun has outed another FOX reality-show contestant with a kinky skeleton in her closet. This isn't quite so innocent as the dirty-soled, tied-up antics of everyone's favorite greedy Joe contestant. The plus-sized (let's throw in another plus for good measure) Idol-wannabe was all sorts of naked, pretending to be underage, and, uh, making nice with herself for "Daddy." You know, flicking the bean. Buffin' the muffin. Rubbin' the nubbin. We could go on. OK, one more: Genital stimulation via phalangetic motion.

We yearn for the simple times of reality-show scandal, back when Darva didn't like Rick because of that silly restraining order and the toilet in his front yard. Those were the days. Though, in a related note, Rick is probably taking care of his own business these days.

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