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Saturday, February 01, 2003


Ch-ch-ch-changes Dept.

WFOoBH is proud to announce a usability and design upgrade launched today, intended to make your experience on this site more satisfying. The brackets (a distinctive feature in the overall site design) surrounding the links to the Bunsen FAQ and to the feedback e-mail address have been changed from white to blue. This enhancement is meant to create a more consistent and pleasing user interface, as the "curtains" of the links now perfectly match the "drapes" of the site title. WFOoBH's design committee, in league with the Web's top subliminal marketing consulting firm, determined that this change will subconsciously increase the site's ease of use by fourteen percent per page view and postively impact reader satisfaction by a whopping twenty-one percent per page view. This change will not negatively impact the quality of the site's content (heretofore referred to as "Crap.") The Crap published on this site on a near-daily basis will be of the same questionable utility, the same dubious entertainment value, the same overall degree of moral turpitude. However, the new feature will make the Crap seem vaguely more pleasing and relevant. After reading the Crap in a new post, a temporary (though minimal) euphoria will overtake the reader -- for example: the morning coffee will seem to have slightly more bite, a tuna-salad sandwich will seem to have just the right amount of mayonnaise, auditory sensations will momentarily seem to have color. The letter 'e' (lower-case only) may seem to be a friendly smile (in certain instance, the site's typeface may seem to rearrange itself in a fashion analogous to the "Chinese fire drill" popularized in the 1970s). The reader should not be disturbed by any of these augmented sensations; in fact, the reader should merely surrender to the new, improved experience of WFOoBH and let the Crap work its peculiar alchemy.

[Buzzkill footnote: today there was a terrible tragedy.]

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