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Wednesday, January 15, 2003


This Headline is the Story, Sort of Like Those Lame Greeting Cards That Say, 'This Card Isn't Your Birthday Present' on the Front, and Then You Open the Card, and Inside the Card Says, 'The Envelope Is!' Which Leads You to Look Inside the Envelope to See If There Was a Check or Some Cash Inside That You Somehow Missed, and Then You Look In the Card Again, and It's Just That Stupid Punchline, but Maybe There's Something Taped to the Back of the Card [There's Not], So You Open the Card Again, and Hey, the Punchline Again, and Then You Turn to the Cardgiver, and He Sort of Sheepishy Shrugs and Mouths 'The Envelope Is!' and You Half-Smile Sheepishly Back, Your Eyes Saying 'Thanks,' and Then Later That Night You Fall Asleep After Staring at the Ceiling for an Hour and a Half and Thinking, My Birthday Was Last Week

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