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Wednesday, January 22, 2003


Phoning It In Special

Um, that Joe Millionaire guy is really dumb.

And those chicks are sure in for a big surprise when the curtain comes crashing down and their dim emperor has no clothes! And no money!

Every conversation you have in LA has the potential to resemble the worst American Idol audition.

Look, a link to a funny news story:
Bangkok Rounds Up Urban Elephants to Cut Accidents
Ah, those people from other countries and their run-ins with wild animals!


Yes, Your Baby Is Really Watching TV
And do you know what their favorite show is?
So watch out when Lil' Bobby asks for a 24-karat gold diaper, just like Master P's shorties. Or when he calls Mommy "bitch."

Not that I haven't done that. Not to my Mommy, but someone else's, I'm sure. And, in fairness, it was more of a "bee-yatch" kind of situation.

Um, boo-ya?

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