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Friday, January 24, 2003


New Poll! New Poll! Calloh! Callay!

I always seem to introduce a new poll by saying something like, "Guess what time it is! New poll time!" and then I ramble on about democracy and making your voice heard and maybe throw something in about being crushed under the treads of a Chinese tank. Not this time.

This week's poll is contributed by one my favorite action heroes, Passenger 57. You know, John Maclean on a plane. So look to the left and vote as often as you wish. Which is probably not even once, but a guy can ask.

[Last week's result: The vast majority of you seem fixated on the idea that Vegas treated me like a rag in a 25-cent peepshow booth. And I suppose that's not entirely untrue, as those who read the piece in Über can attest.]

[And just another piece of business: I am officially retiring the story about the Venezuelan bachelorette party. At least until I meet someone who hasn't already heard it.]

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