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Thursday, January 30, 2003


Mo' Money, Mo'Jo, Mo...Ropes?

Top five lines that bondage-actress/Joe Millionaire contestant Sarah Kozer used to lure Evan into the bushes on Monday night's episode (see previous post for Newz Flazh item on the recent, scandalous revelation that rocked the reality-TV world).

5. "Let me show you the ropes..." (obvious)
4. "I like nothing better than to tie up dumb-guy liars." (ad-hominem attack)
3. "I hope that you have millions...of ropes that you can use to tie me up and millions of feathers that you can tickle me with once you have tied me up with said ropes." (convoluted explanation involving premise)
2. "If we go into those bushes we are probably going to fuck." (off-topic, effective)
1. " (Slurp) is the FOX subtitle for something that I will never again do to you once we're married. I will also stop tying you up." (saved from irrelvance at last possible second)

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