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Sunday, January 05, 2003


A Letter from the Editor

Just moments after publishing the last post (see below, "What's the 'D' Stand For, Eh?" Section, I realized that picking on Canadians for not knowing how to "drive a car" is misguided and unfair. If you actually followed the link to the original news story and bypassed the snappy headline, you would have found that the would-be car thieves from North of Here did indeed know how to drive a car, just not a stick shift.

I don't know how to drive a stick shift, either. That's not exactly accurate -- I know how, technically, I've just never done it for a distance of more than a couple of blocks and that was nearly a decade ago. Placed in a similar situation, I might have abandoned my car theft plans (ahem) mid-stream once I discovered a manual transmission in the target vehicle. Is it fair to pick on these teens? Yes, they are Canadian, and there's certainly something inherent in that which makes an American instantly go on the offensive with jokes about the overall flatness of their "bacon," derisively referring to their nation as America Lite or America Junior or Wisconsin North or the like, or taking some cheap shot at their country's fascination with hockey (see hockey stick reference below [Canada Fun Fact: Hockey is not the official sport of Canada, lacrosse is]). And they are certainly not a nation of flannel-clad lumberjacks, as is also suggested in the previous post (there are more trees in America than in Canada, Jacque). Most of the readership of WFOoBH will be suprised to learn that Canada's chief export is progressive rock power trios such as Rush, Triumph, and Barenaked Ladies (originally a three-piece until co-opted by fame and a Jason Priestley [also screamingly Canadian] directed documentary).

And who, really, could find anything to ridicule about that? Even if the tour buses have manual transmissions.

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