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Thursday, December 19, 2002


"You just put your pickle on everybody's plate and leave the hard stuff to me, college boy" Section

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I just can't leave on your vacations and have a fulfulling holiday season without a new poll. There are at least twelve of you itching to click a radio button in the left-hand column and let the rest of the Internet know exactly which actress seemed to age the most right after getting launched out of the Hollywood shoot. And while she wasn't included in this poll, Jennifer Grey gets an honorable mention for losing her nose shortly after she dirty danced her way into America's overworked bloodpumps in, er, Dirty Dancing.

Enjoy your eggnog, or your eggrolls, or your dreidels, or whatever it is that candle thing in Kwanzaa is called.

[People seemed to think I was only holding up one finger. Well, guess which one, Smart Guy!]
[No, not that one.]

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