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Monday, December 16, 2002


Storm of the Century: West Coast Edition--The Aftershock

Pounding Rain and Snow Hit California

A mere month after Southern California was ravaged by the Storm of the Century: West Coast Edition (SOTC:WCE--see post of 11/11/02), Los Angeles again finds itself buffeted by Mother Nature's destructive power, in the form of the Storm of the Century: West Coast Edition--The Aftershock (SOTC:WCE--TA). Supermarkets are again finding themselves overrun with panicked masses of the flood-averse, snaping up staples to get them through this latest disaster, having barely removed the sandbags that protected their homes some five weeks ago.

As for yours truly, his tuna-fish and vodka supplies are still ample, the windows are duct-taped, and he's got his video collection of Seasons 4-12 of Santa Barbara to keep him company during this latest crisis. It never rains in Santa Barbara; the tapes will remind him of the sun and what life in beautiful, sunny Southern California (average yearly rainfall: 15 inches; today's rainfall: approximately 9 feet) is supposed to be like, with none of this Missisippi-style flooding to cramp his style.

If you'll excuse me, Charlie the Tuna and a sad-eyed Russian guy are waiting.

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