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Monday, December 02, 2002


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Some travel tips, just a tad too late for your Thanksgiving holiday, and just a skoach too early to be remembered for Christmas/Hannukah/Nondenominational Pagan Tree Party Time:

Phrases to Avoid Muttering Whilst Standing in the Long Airport Security Line:
--"Jesus, next time I'm seeing if the shoe-bomb comes in a 12, triple-E."
--"If someone were really determined, he could probably fill that baby with boxcutters. Run little Bobby through the X-ray machine."
--"I am going to blow up America."
--"There's no line at the Taco Bell -- Let's roll!"
--"How's this for a manifesto title: Osama: Misunderstood Savior?"
--"Winona's getting off easy."
--"Is this a bad time to mention I bought a one-way ticket to a terrorist training cell in Damascus?"
--"Isn't it about time that Bob Hope died? And isn't this line really slow?"

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