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Sunday, November 17, 2002



The other night in Hollywood, I stepped out of one of the local watering holes after last call, only to discover that the street was bathed in daylight. It didn't take long to realize that I hadn't fallen asleep underneath a bar stool and stumbled out the next morning. This was Hollywood movie magic, right in my neighborhood. A crew was filming a new movie called Hollywood Homicide, and it's two stars were on the other side of the street, in the middle of a scene. Those two actors? Current 'It Boy' Josh Hartnett was one. And the other? Mr. 20-Million-Per-Picture himself -- and longtime Bunsen nemesis -- Harrison Ford. The following is a transcript of our historic, knife-burying conversation.
Bunsen: [awkwardly, tracing toe slowly in front of me] Uh...hi.
Harrison Ford: Oh. Hi.
Bunsen: Listen, I just have to say --
HF: Don't. [holding finger in front of pursed lips] Shhh.
[At this point, Harrison rushes forward and envelopes me in the most heterosexual, manly bear hug I have ever known, rocking me back and forth a couple of times before we heartily clap each other on the back.]
Bunsen: So. How's the rook? [points to Hartnett]
HF: Sort of a pussy. But I guess he's OK. [pause] Well, I have to get back. I'm giving him the Grizzled Veteran speech in the next scene.
Bunsen: I won't keep you. [Ford starts back toward the cameras.] Hey, falafel?
HF: [smiles] Make it pad thai, and you're on. [pauses] And don't tell Calista, she really rides my ass about all the carbs.
[I give him the thumbs-up and he returns to the set.]
Bunsen: You've won this round, Indiana Jones.

[I know this story might seem a little hard to relate to if you're not running in LA. But it's really a tale of two regular joes, even though one of them is a huge movie star and the other is The Smartest Man in Hollywood. It's a people story, and we're all just people, aren't we?]

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