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Monday, November 25, 2002


International Military-Industrial Complex Section

Israeli Army Kills "Just One" Palestinian Boy

NABLUS, West Bank -- The Israeli Army announced that its troops shot and killed "just one" Palesinian boy early Monday. Ari Klentz, an Israeli soldier on the Nablus detail, explained how all but one of the group of children ignoring an Army-imposed curfew managed to escape. "On a good day, we'll knock off four or five people, mostly adults. The young children are very fast. The average eight-year-old wielding a stone is not a good target for rifle fire. Today, we only managed to catch one of them after their rocks scratched the sealer wax on our favorite tank." He further added that "(the Army) will do better next time. It's almost not worth all of the debriefing paperwork for only stopping one (rock-carrying child). But marking the kill on the tank in chalk is nice. You should see it: it's a stick figure carrying a balloon. With a big, red 'X' through it. So cute."

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