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Friday, November 01, 2002


Dispatch from Unemployment City, Population: Me

Now that we're on the dole over here at WFOoBH, we've got to formulate a plan. All that sweet, sweet TV cash done gone away, the free lunches have stopped coming, and even the steady stream of groupies has rolled along to the next stop on the tour.

So this particular poll, over on your left -- where it always is -- is important. Help me get these issues squared away, make some decisions, and get the bunsen-Amtrak back on the rails. Feel free to post other ideas view the comments link below.

Right now my only plan has been to go out with friends to have lunch, and I am three-for-three in the days since being Job'd by the programming gods. I'll keep the Lunch Streak statisitcs current in this space (weekends excluded). I could do this forever if restaurants weren't so hung up on insisting the bill be paid.

As for Halloween, not one person could guess that I was "She's the Sheriff"-era Suzanne Somers. I had a lot of explaining to do to drunk people in highly imaginative "sexy devil" and "sexy vampire" outfits. Someone did guess that I was John (as in Ponch and John on ChiPs), but hey, buddy, wrong blonde bombshell. And I was a bombshell, let there be no doubt about that.

[Did anyone else see that Sarah Jessica Parker gave birth? Hearty congrats to her and Matthew Broderick. ]

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