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Sunday, August 25, 2002


Our Great World, Weekend Edition

Briton wins world air guitar crown

The triumphant Englishman merely placed second in "Dry Hump an Inflatable Doll" event.

'City' Siren in Lesbian Sideline

Manolo Blahnik to partner with Birkenstock and release new Catrall signature line of purple sandals.

Actress Jolie Loves Greek Island

Actress emerged from early days of Tomb Raider 2 shoot with "Santorini" tattoo, a necklace containing sand from one of its beautiful beaches, and joined the island in the adoption of a Cambodian infant.

"It's important to give these children a loving home," remarked a smitten Jolie. "Every abandoned child should have a loving mother and a popular, hedonisitc vacation hotspot to shepherd them through the crucial developmental years."

A Swedish word a day keeps the doctor away

Basic knowledge of Swedish has additional health benefit: scoring with nannies.

Hospital Offers Cut-Rate Surgery to Boost Business

Hong Kong economy hurting mistresses

Hong Kong's desperate economy spawns entrepreneurial synergy -- abandoned mistresses perform two-for-one happy hour reverse-vasectomies.

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