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Wednesday, August 07, 2002


Oh, the Humanity!

NBC Booker Bought Pants for Kidnapped Rape Victim

I think that going on TV and recounting your ordeal of being kidnapped, raped, and watching your attacker being gunned down by police is worth $80 in slacks. NBC wouldn't want to violate their "news standards" by giving a gift to someone that is reliving the most horrible moment of her life in front of millions of viewers so that they can sell some Extra Strength Tide with Whitening Power. I'm pretty sure she didn't keep the pants she was wearing the day of the incident.

In case you forgot, Dateline NBC was the show where they rigged pickup trucks to explode so that they could then expose them as unsafe.

No word on whether anyone on the NBC News staff was disciplined for lending the nine trapped miners a couple of bars of soap and a towel.

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