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Thursday, August 22, 2002


An Offer You Can't Refuse. Well, Maybe You Can.

Berlin Playboy Offers Jackpot to Final Bedmate

BERLIN (Reuters) - An aging Berlin playboy has come up with an unusual offer to lure women into his bed by promising the last woman he sleeps with an inheritance of about $244,000.

In a spirit of international cooperation, WFOoBH issues a similar, and perhaps more intriguing, offer. The next woman to sleep with me will receive innumerable waves of pleasure, a good deal of post-coital cuddling, and a still-unclaimed, winning scratch-off ticket (the denomination shall remained undisclosed--but let's just say it'll get you a cab ride home, provided the lucky winner lives in the Greater Los Angeles Area, preferably near Hollywood. And if she already has a car, hey, she can take herself out for an omelette. A three-egg one.).

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