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Tuesday, August 20, 2002


If This Were Any More Obvious, It Would Be Followed By a Story About How I Wound Up in Bed Next to a Box of Feminine Hygiene Products After a Hard Night of Drinking in Rite-Aid Aisle 14

The Beer Goggles Don't Lie

In perhaps the biggest waste of research money in the history of research money, British scientists found that there is indeed a physiological basis to the "beer goggle" effect. A study was required to explain how the British manage to procreate, given that they often reveal their less-than-legendary dental care at some point during a pre-mating encounter at the corner pub.

[I also hear they have funny food. You know, the British and the teeth and the bad food.]

[And the weather--wait a second, and it will change. That's not so good.]

[And the cops with the funny hats and no guns.]

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