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Monday, August 05, 2002


Baby Hippies Suck Section

Mothers Break Breastfeeding Record

The 1,135 suckling infants declared the Guiness entry an unqualified success. Johnnie Harrison, six months old, found the Berkeley event to be an exercise in togetherness. "Mom said that this is what Woodstock must have been like: tons of weed, two thousand bared breasts, some groovy music and a lot of patchouli oil."

Newborn girl Marissa Levinson agreed. "After about ten minutes of suckling, I started to really jones for some Bar-B-Q Pringles. Unfortunately, my single sprouting tooth is woefully lacking for post-toke snacking," remarked the four-month-old. "Mommy just rubbed a little Cherry Garcia on her areola and kept on swaying."

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