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Monday, July 08, 2002


This Guy's Obviously Never Watched a Minute of 'Cribs'

Can I Please, Please Actually Make Something Up Today? - Michael Jackson criticizes treatment of minority artists - July 6, 2002

While it's hard to dispute that the recording industry isn't as squeaky clean and corruption free, as say, the Nixon White House, it's hard to feel even the slightest twinge of sympathy for The Gloved One. The Man of a Thousand Faces has been victimized by the recording industry to the tune of a billion-dollar recording and publishing deal, a Fortress of Solitude-like compound/theme park/zoo/chickenhawk ranch, and half of the Beatles' back catalog. The Most Famous Jackson of Them All thinks that $25 million that Sony spent in promotion was not sufficient (this is the King of Pop, after all) to interest the public in his latest muscial offering, which has been deemed by all save the Members-Only jacket set to be a subpar effort at best.

Jacko cited James Brown, Mariah Carey, and Sammy Davis, Jr. as among the industry's victims of exploitation. He said Davis died penniless; the estate Sammy left behind is estimated at $6 million. Mariah Carey (she's black? who knew?) was recently given $28 million to NOT record another note for Virgin Records, who were happy to jettison the shakey, flakey, "dehydrated" diva before she could inflict another Glitter on the populace. And James Brown could not stop beating his wife long enough to offer a lament on his jerking around by his record label. Master P. also was unavailable for comment, preferring to fill his 24-karat bath tub with Cristal and "have a soak."

Boo hoo. I''ll volunteer to spend a night with Bubbles and the llamas and let the glove roam where it may for a mere ten-percent take of his victimhood. Ten percent? Make it one. I'll only need two mansions and a dozen cars to get over the emotional scars of staring at The Thriller's nose hole as he gives me the Full Macauley.

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