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Wednesday, July 31, 2002


Papal Sitting Bull Extra

Pope to Canonize First American Indian Saint in Mexico

The Pope is in Mexico, and it's not for the enchiladas and cheap tattoos.

I think I smell a contest to name this newly-minted American Indian saint. Maybe this time some of you will chip in. Send entries via e-mail, and the winner will be posted next week.

To get you started:

--Saint Touchem Youngpants
--Saint Firstime Freebie
--Saint Running Faster than BoyinRobe
--Saint John MMXXVII
--Saint Dealem Poker
--Saint Hangum Drunken Depresshun
--Saint Joseph Nez Pierce

You know the drill. Now mail 'em in.

[American Indians are lovely people. Not all deal poker, are alcoholics, or {gasp} Catholic priests. Above suggestions submitted by Pope]

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