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Wednesday, July 17, 2002


Maybe It's Time to Call Frozen Solomon Extra

OR, Some Go By Fire, Some By Ice, and Some Might Have to Settle for Both

Ted Williams' children would like to reach compromise

Those wacky Williams kids are at it again. A quick recap: son thinks Ted wanted to be cryonically frozen and perhaps later thawed out or to preserve his DNA for later sale. Daughter thinks he preferred to be incinerated.

Now they seem to be willing to compromise. Perhaps they can burn him up and then freeze the ashes. If they do it the other way and freeze first and then thaw, they'll be left with a set of ashes, the result simply tossing him in the furnace would acheive. Or maybe they can flash-fry the body and freeze the head. It's a well-established fact in the science fiction community that fully functioning, superstrong robot bodies will be available decades (if not centuries) before they can replace a human head. When the body is finished, they can mount the head on an automated exoskeleton and Ted can once again take to the field and battle the steroid-riddled Major League creatine monsters in pursuit of Barry Bonds' records.

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